About Us

Becoming an avid rock or mountain climber is no mean feat. It requires a lot of courage, persistence, and perseverance, but nothing beats the joy of conquering a cliff, whether it’s indoor or the great outdoors in the Rockies or the coast mountain.

Hi there and welcome to ClimbersPeak.com, my name is Paul, and I started this blog to be a leading resource for climbers all over the world. We help both rookie and experienced climbers to stay safe while rock climbing and ultimately conquer the mountains.

Whether you’ve never scaled a wall, let alone a cliff in your entire life, or you’re an experienced climber with altitudes behind your back, there’s something for you to learn here. I started my climbing adventure years ago, and while it’s been rough a journey, I’ve learned a lot, and I’m here to share with you my experiences.

Unlike some climbers online, I’ve scaled my fair share of cliffs. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing because I’ve had more than a few mishaps and accidents, but I’m thankful they weren’t anything serious.

That didn’t deter me from my passion; if anything, it fueled the fire and my desire to succeed. Nothing compares to the breathtaking views and serenity that comes at the top of a cliff or mountain, and that’s why I want to help you share it with me the next time you go climbing.

Climbing 101

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The first thing you need to do to become a successful climber is to learn, and this is one of the few activities that we recommend you do not go for on-the-job training. First things first, you need a great introductory course to rock climbing.

You must learn from a professional because it could make the difference between you coming home in a body bag or with a huge smile. There’s no point in denying it, as great as rock or mountain climbing is, it has its risks, and being prepared goes a long way in keeping you safe.

To that end, we provide some of the best climbing advice on everything from choosing between a tie in loop and a belay loop to deciding between a mountaineering and climbing harness. We’ve also gone a step further to help you find the best gear for climbing.

Be sure to check out guides on the best bouldering chalks to improve your grip as well as the best bouldering crash pads. And don’t forget to wear the best climbing helmets and just because you’re rock or mountain climbing doesn’t mean you can’t look good while doing it; here are our best women’s climbing pants.