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If you’ve never tried to scale a wall whether at a climbing center or at the gym, then thought of dangling of the edge of a cliff like a carrot sends a deep chill down your spine—I know I felt it. Your first time is probably going to be the hardest but you’re not alone, even the most veteran of climbers struggled with it.

It’s a natural human response when you’re put in that kind of situation, but once you get the hang of fit—no pun intended, you’ll find that it can be an incredibly satisfying hobby. While the prevailing perception of climbing is that it’s a strenuous outdoor activity, it’s not that hard to master.

With a bit of commitment, perseverance, and effort, anyone can become a master of it. That’s why we created this blog; to help dispel the myths and misconceptions around climbing and help you be the best climber and stay safe while getting your adrenaline fix.


That said, there’s a lot that you’ll have to learn to become a proficient climber. For starters, you’ll need to decide the right way to clip your carabiner whether it’s a tie-in loop vs. a belay loop. This is a touchy subject around climbers but one worth addressing because of its safety implications.

Aside from that, you’ll have to decide between a mountaineering harness and climbing harness. We’ll also show you how to make climbing shoes sticky again.

Best Indoor Climbing Shoes


Best Women’s Climbing Pants

To stay safe while climbing, you’ll need a few pieces of equipment or tools to help you climb faster and have the necessary grip. We’ve dedicated this section to help you find the right gear to conquer those steep cliffs.

We’ve covered everything from the best bouldering chalk to the best bouldering crash pads. For those of you not ready to take on outdoor climbing, we’ve curated some of our best indoor climbing shoes as well as the best women’s climbing pants. 


Mountain climbing isn’t for the faint of heart, but once you conquer your fears, you’ll find that the exhilaration of conquering a mountain is unmatched. For you to realize, you need to trust in your equipment and we’ve dedicated this section to review some of the best brands out there.

We’ve reviewed two of the best brands climbing harness brands; Petzl Adjama and Black Diamond, and we even went a step further and reviewed their pest products i.e., the Petzl Corax as well as the Black Diamond Momentum Harness.

Black Diamond Momentum Harness Review